Energy Rated Homes

Construction Phase Quality Control

Several services are provided to builders to ensure quality control and reduce potential defect liability during the construction phase. These include:

  • Written procedures for subcontractors and field superintendents on proper installation techniques for a variety of building components.
  • Field training for sub-trade installers and construction superintendents on proper installation techniques.
  • Work site checks to make sure the specified materials were used and to ensure quality installation

Testing and Field Verification

Diagnostic testing and visual verification is performed for a number of important building components. The testing and field verification is a final check to make sure subcontractors have met performance standards before the home buyer moves in. Tests and inspections include:

  • HVAC system installation
  • Air sealing of duct system
  • Building envelope sealing
  • Thermostatic expansion valves
  • Window U-Value and SHGC
  • Exhaust fan performance

Presence and functionality of any other performance enhancing features such fresh air ventilation system, return air balancing system, Energy Star lights and appliances, low flow water fixtures.